Embark on an epic journey

177 collectible creatures await your saviour

All creatures have been saved!

The Arkivists

The solar flares are growing daily. It's no longer a matter of if they'll reach our planet of Nia, but when. Everything will be scorched, water will evaporate, the air will burn, and all life will cease.

But there is hope. Our physicists have discovered a portal to a world not unlike our own, in another galaxy. The portal will only open for a short period, and when it does, we'll need to get as many species through as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Biologists are currently collecting creatures from all corners of the globe, and one or two places beyond it. They're using whatever they can to package up these 777 creatures for safe travel – jam jars, candy jars, even cafetieres.

Help us save them, by becoming an Arkivist and collecting as many as you can. By joining us, you won't just save the species you love, you'll be in with a chance of securing safe transfer to the new world of Anfar where a new adventure awaits.


Arkivists Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Mint - 177 Genesis creatures to be collected by our community of Arkivists
  • Arkivists Checklist - Details to be released on the optimum collection for safe passage to the next planet
  • Collection - The second batch of creatures to expand our community of Arkivists
  • Journey Accessories - Airdrop of essential items to travel with from Nia
  • Travel Passes - Arkivists travel passes issued

Phase 2

  • Short animated film of the journey from Nia to the next planet - Community involvement
  • New Galaxy Creatures - We meet our new friends (or are they) on landing on the new planet


Arkivists token



Owner of an award-winning digital marketing agency and serial entrepreneur. I bring talented people together and let them do their thing.

I've partnered with hundreds of organisations to fuel their growth through inbound marketing, content creation and storytelling. Including consumer brands such as Subway, Aveda and Hilton.

In crypto land for several years and a passionate believer in the positive change brought about by Web3, in particular the applications of NFTs long-term. Full-time digital nomad.

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Cailie is a whip-cracking, eagle-eyed Managing Partner at Content Creatures, where she works closely with the design and animation teams to make sure everything we produce is on-brief and creatively brilliant.

Before Content Creatures, she spent ten years working for one of the world's biggest branding agencies on projects for Universal Channel, the BBC and Fifa.

She has been keen to work on an NFT project for a while, and when the stars aligned, couldn't wait for it to take off. Working with our illustration team to create something original like this was a dream, we hope people will love it as much as we do.

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As chief storyteller and master-dreamer at Content Creatures, Brett spends his days looking out the window and wondering about the beginning, middle and end.

Before starting the business, he headed up a design team, assigned to create original programming and funny bits of animation for Cartoon Network, and even further back in time created content for Virgin Media and Sky.

I'm a NFT noob, but I'm drawn to characters with a future and a past and love stories that transport us somewhere new. I'm currently writing my first novel, which promises much of that.

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Long-time full stack developer, deep down the rabbit hole. I've shipped web3 projects for DAOs like Shiny Object Social Club and technology companies like Bildr. I've helped deliver digital projects for the NHS, Umbro, BMW and Facebook.

I'm a supporter of the creator economy and believe NFTs allow more creatives to live life doing what they love. I share my code and research with the community to help people into the space; From getting started as a dApp developer to lowering gas fees for NFT projects.

I write regularly about my life as a technology entrepreneur and the things I learn along the way.

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Kaspiy spends hours everyday brewing the secret sauce for marketing within the web3 space. He comes from an entrepreneurial and artistic background, and now leads two businesses in web2: one in media production and one in precious metals trading.

He has experience working with big brands, including Apple, Tesla, Intel, Ferrari, Tencent and others, together with some of the world-class celebrities in US and Asia.

Kaspiy was originally interested in the decentralized aspect of the crypto and that eventually brought him into the NFT space, where he is now building marketing strategies and advising on branding aspects for the pull of projects that he is passionate about.